What is Sweet Dental?

Sweet Dental is a Shanghai dentist operating an English-speaking dental clinic with special patient expertise.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of dental care ranging from routine dental treatments to complex reconstructions of seriously damaged oral cases.

Our fine reputation within the profession and public is founded on principles of quality excellence, which are governed by internationally accepted quality management guidelines (ISO 9001 quality certification is in preparation).

Sweet Dental offers dentistry in a truly comfortable and relaxing environment. Quality, commitment, dedication and teamwork are the foundations for the care provided to you. Becoming a patient at Sweet Dental puts you in good company. You are welcome to visit Sweet Dental to get whatever dental services you need.

Usually, your first visit to the clinic will be an initial consultation. Sweet Dental aims at providing different unique specialities of dentistry under one roof. We are especially established and designed to meet patients’ demands and to provide you with satisfactory advance and follow-up services. Car parking is provided.

Who is Sweet Dental ?

Service at Sweet Dental is provided by two sympathetic professional female dentists and a qualified dental nurse, who have demonstrated their commitment to furthering university education by completing their degrees in their chosen dental specialization.

Dental Service Professionals:

Dentist Dr "Daisy"

College of Stomatolage Shanghai Tongji University

Dentist Dr "Wendy"

Nanjing Medical Dental University

Staff Member
Certified Dental Nurse

How is Sweet Dental equipped?

Sweet Dental’s modern and up-to-date equipment includes...
Intra-Oral Camera: The patient can see himself, the disease and the treatment progress on the screen.
X-ray Equipment  
Fiber Optic Handpiece: For filling, crown cutting, grinding, veneering, lamination
Ultrasonic Scaler: For the cleaning of teeth
Automatic Chair: Provides comfort to the patient
Light Care Unit: Tooth colored filling


What is Sweet Dental's treatment scope?

Treatment Spectrum:
Extractions Scaling (Ultrasonic)
Care of Children Teeth Dentures
Root Canals Crown and Bridge
Bleaching Cosmetic Dentistry
Orthodontics Dental Implants
Caries Treatment X-Ray Checking


Chuck's upper teeth crown and bridge treatment



And our prices will keep you smiling

Sweet Dental Price List
( RMB / single item)
Initial Oral Examination ..free X-Ray ..10
Primacaine Adrenaline ..50 Milk Teeth Extraction ..10
Endoscope Check ..30 Sealand ..60
Scaling ..100 - 300 Resin Filling / simple cavity ..60
Root canal Therapy - front ..180 Resin Filling / complex cavity ..120
Root canal Therapy - distomolar ..400 Extraction of Impacted ..260
Dental Implant ..10,000 Complete Dentures / Resin ..1,000
Attachment ..1,500 - 3,000 Teeth Whitening / Bleaching ..2,400
Fixed appliance therapy / metal <18yo ..6,000 - 8,000  
Fixed appliance therapy / metal >18yo ..10,000 - 15,000  
Porcelain fused to metal crown - nickel ..500  
Porcelain fused to metal crown - bego ..1,000  
Porcelain fused to metal crown - AU / Pt 86% ..2,000 - 2,800  
Cercon full porcelain crown ..3,800  


Our opening hours are:
Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.
(apart from public holidays)
We are also available by appointment.

Address: 610 GuShan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, CHINA
(near ZhangYang Rd)


Sweet Dental Clinic
Tel.: (+86) 021-5033.2496

Dr "Daisy"
(I speak English)
Mobile: (+86) 1376.183.9397

Email: shbaoyulan@yahoo.com.cn

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